[vt_page_title]Interests[/vt_page_title] [vt_interestes_field title=”Scuba Diving”] Absolutely love the water and advocating marine & energy sustainability.  To facilitate this passion, i founded and operate on the weekends a Scuba Diving School www.expeditiondive.com  I have also formed a dive club (marketing strategy and list building for eDM) Sydney Dive Club and to further education about marine sustainability a non-profit that facilitates beach clean ups www.oceanfriend.org [/vt_interestes_field] [vt_interestes_field title=”Reading”] I read to completion 1-2 books a month religiously.  Mostly self-improvement books in sales, psychology and marketing, also tech and new ways technology is positioning to change/improve the world type of books.[/vt_interestes_field] [vt_interestes_field title=”Working out”] I believe health is a vital part of success.  More energy = More Action! [/vt_interestes_field] [vt_interestes_field title=”Early Riser”]I’m definitely a morning person, up usually 5-6am. I believe it’s a prerequisite to high productivity. [/vt_interestes_field] [vt_interestes_field title=”Giving back / Philanthropy “]I believe giving back selflessly is one of the greatest fulfillment goals in life. I do so whenever I can with an underlining personal goal of building systems to give more. [/vt_interestes_field][vt_interestes_field title=”Trail Running “]My current focus is training for Marathons and long distance trails. I train regularly 3-5 times week early mornings by the beach on 20km runs and crossfit trainings. I have half a dozen 50km (marathon and trail) scheduled this year with the a ultimate goal of the Big Red Run, which is a 250km over the course of 5 days in the Australian outback desert. (yes i’m that type of crazy) i love pushing my body (and mind) to the limits. This is one of my ingredients to success. “I’m continually trying to make choices that put me against my own comfort zone. As long as you’re uncomfortable, it means you’re growing.” – Ashton Kutcher I welcome anybody who wants to join me on these in part or the full regiment, it’ll change your life as it did mine! So much energy! I usually run Maroubra/ Coogee to Bondi early mornings 5am. Nice refreshing swim after 🙂 [/vt_interestes_field]