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Hi! My name is Jason Bettinger. I am a results creator. That may be prominent to say, but not when you have a proven 12+ year history of generating agile results in the realm of digital marketing. As a seasoned multi faceted business owner i am well adept in accurately identifying and understanding stakeholder priorities, focusing on ways to increase bottomlines through attracting new and repeat customers. I then strategise and implement bottomline solutions sustainably, track, test and repeat using a variety of sales methodologies and digital technologies to optimise. I enjoy every step of the digital sales process and I absolutely love explaining data that lead to real successes. Reviewing and implementing changing technologies and methods along the way. With AI, AR and sustainable improvment tech creating new ways to engage customers, it's an exciting time to help strengthen brands and company cultures into the future.

Quality Expertise

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    Digital Marketing

    These days digital marketing can be defined on multiple levels. I prefer to focus on digital marketing that makes sense in terms of spend verses reward. Understanding the digital ecosystem and customer journeys of a brand are key to this along with strategies per goals and implementation on accurate data.

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    Web Development

    Whilst not a heavy coder myself, i do know HTML and Front End Web Design, having owned a Web Development company and hring/managing more than a dozen developers. I'm highly skilled at web development and digital marketing project management.

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    Strategy & Sales

    Good strategy relies on good information, fluid processes and systemisations while ironing out bottlenecks. Sales conversitions require a holitic approach in assuring priority objectives are achieved and built upon. Training and resources management come into play as well.

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    Brand Management

    Ensuring that messaging and brand are consistent across advertising platforms is key. This also includes the bridging of offline to online marketing in the form of events and other marketing initiatives that need to be designed to work in tangent of eachother. From a digital perspective online reviews is a key expertise i've spoken at keynote events such as Google on multiple occassions. Consistent customer engagement to drive brand awareness to be well positioned for continued market retention toward household name growth is my forte.

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    Digital Agency Management

    Having owned and operated two multi million dollar digital agencies i know a thing or two about digital agency management. Mainly its ensuring that proper task/project management is being implemented. Too many times digital agencies provide 'canned' or highly copy past reporting methods. I'll ensure that maximum bang per buck is being acheived from the relationship.

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    Results Creator

    Results can be subjective but i focus on making them objective. By intimately understanding stakeholder priority goals, i deliver bottomline results. I accomplish this by implementing a repertoire of Digital Marketing Consulting, Sales-Training-Productivity Management and brand-data management in ensuring properly navigated strategy. All of which when executed effectively = results.


I provide cost-effective and high quality consultancy services to meet my clients objectives in a timely results driven manner.

Needs Analysis & Strategy95%
Brand Identity80%
Sales Methodology95%
Web Development95%
Digital Marketing90%
Stakeholder Reporting and Management90%
Data Analysis85%
Time Management & Productivity85%

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I am a digital marketing and sales growth catalyst, let's chat!

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"Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it.Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Personal Interest

Scuba Diving

I started diving since i was 15, over 20 years ago, i have been teaching scuba as a hobby business for the last ten years

Marine Sustainability

Expedition Dive sponsors my non-profit marine sustainability work via and diver cleanups organised through our dive club arm 'Sydney Dive club'.

Ultra Marathoner

I train and run every few years in support of a charity organisation an Ultra Marathon 100-250km distances in one go. My most recent ones was 100km in the mountains of New Zealand in support of WWF and 250km through Australian Simpson Desert in support of juvenile diabetes research.

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    Digital Leader
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    12Years of Experience
    • Cross Channel Digital Advertising
    • Digital Strategy & Planning
    • Buyer Journeys & Personalisation
    • Growth Marketing
    • Media Programmatic Buying
    • Processes and Systemisation
    • Performance Data Analysis
    • CRM Process Optimisation
    • Social Selling Strategies
    • UX/UI Review & Engagement
    • Sales & Marketing Alignment
    • Digital Transformation
    • Digital Agency Oversight
    • New Tech & Engagement Strategies